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By the 1890s the modern bicycle design had settled and this new machine spread like a virus around the world. The bicycle was then fastest way to travel long distances overland. Intrepid young Australians with an appetite for adventure strapped what they needed to their bikes and headed into the outback in an effort to be the first, or the fastest, to cover the vast distances between Australia's major centres. With no roads, few known food or water sources, no reliable maps and rudimentary equipment, these early "Overlanders" were lauded by the media and worshipped by the public. Entire towns lined their streets to greet the Overlanders as they rode through. Stories of adventure and survival in exotic places captivated the public. These were the first bikepackers. Their history has been lost.

Inspired by the Overlanders and their lives of simple adventure we set out to answer the following question: 'If you could only pack one shirt on your next trip, what would it be’? Created for modern day Overlanders (Jesse and Sarah) and everyday adventurers alike, the Merino Overlander Tee will keep you warm, odourless, and your luggage light.

When it comes to finding a performance material that works day after day, there’s really nothing that comes close to merino wool. Odour resistant, highly breathable and exceptionally warm even when you’re drenched with sweat, it’s is the ideal barrier between you and the natural environment. The only problem with merino is it’s durability. That’s why we’ve spun it with a super fine nylon core to create a stronger, more durable garment that will not only keep you comfortable but also, make it through the gnarliest of adventures in one piece. On the back of the tee we’ve also added a strip of high grade retroreflective dots so that you’re safe and visible wherever the road may take you.

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WEAR5050 is a business model that not only helps empower more people to make tomorrow a better place but represents a greater equality between humans and nature. 50% of our profits go towards protecting the wild and wonderful places that still exist in the world. #WEAR5050

This year we have chosen to partner with BHA, a national non-profit, protecting biodiversity in Australia for over 25 years. They buy land of high conservation value & work with other land owners (particularly Aboriginal groups) to help plan & implement conservation on private lands.

We believe our customers have a right to know exactly where their money is going. Therefore, we have made a map that lets you see the exact GPS coordinates of the area being protected, plus detailed information on the project.

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